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Brain Atlases

  • Brain Info is designed to help you identify structures in the brain.
  • NIF, the Neuroscience Information framework, is a dynamic inventory of web-based neuroscience resources.
  • OBART The Online Brain Atlas Reconciliation Tool (OBART) aims to provide a quantitative solution to the so-called neuroanatomical nomenclature problem by comparing overlap relations between regions defined as spatial entities in different digital human brain atlases.

Computational Resources

fMRI Databases

  • The Brede Database allows you to look up a brain region and discover what tasks activate it.
  • Neurosynth is a platform that automatically synthesizes fMRI results across many studies.
  • OpenNeuro See Computational Resources above. This is also a site to get publicly available BIDS compliant datasets.

Instructional: Neuroimaging Software and Concepts

MRI Concepts

  • MRI Questions provides articles explaining how MRI works.
  • MR-Tip is a glossary of MRI-related terms.

Neuroimaging Tools

  • NITRC, the Neuroimaging Tools and Resource Collaboratory, is a huge database of neuroimaging tools and datasets.


  • The Massive Memory Database is a huge database of images useful for building visual stimulus sets. Images are organized into useful categories, like state pairs, exemplar pairs etc.
  • Open Brain Consent A discussion of how to word your consent form to allow for sharing imaging data.